"every time i blink, i have a tiny dream." -ani d.

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My reflection
I'm a queer Arab Muslim black woman who loves the smell of gasoline and is fueled by both the desire to smoke cigarettes and the knowledge to make sure I never do so. I am a news junkie who lives in a really messy apartment with my two energetic kitties. I sleep weird hours and I don't talk much. I cannot look at myself as queer alone, or as black alone, or as female alone; I feel that would be an imprecise picture because I am one whole and not lots of little pieces put together.  

I live in Mississippi. 

My wife and I were married two years ago on a lovely beach shortly after sunset. I regularly encounter racism, sexism, heterosexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, etc., etc., etc. It wears me down often. I graduated from (and kind of wasted four years of my life at) a conservative private college that my friends and I almost got expelled from. I aim to devote my life to equality, progressive politics and whatever comes out of that, but right now I work in the mainstream media. Yeah, I'm working on it. 

This is my second try at LJ, but maybe I'll update regularly this time. 


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